THE Club


Dustin’s Green House cultivates hope and opportunity in the lives of dedicated and engaged, high school students in Guilford County through unique global service based learning programs and initiatives. Similar to how a gardener nurtures flowers in a traditional greenhouse, Dustin’s Green House nurtures possibility in the lives of students – striving to equip them with the values, sense of purpose, perspective and support they need to grow into compassionate, well-rounded and productive citizens.


THE Club

OUR MISSION, however, is a little different. We believe that while having a global perspective is increasingly important in the diverse world of today,

WE BELIEVE, that the world begins right here in our own community.

WE HAVE decided to launch a grass-roots movement of students engaged in service-learning right outside our own back door. We are going to change the world, beginning HERE!

Six Guilford County high schools will be getting their SERVE. ON with THE Club this year. We will be starting six new student led GreenHouse service learning clubs, called THE Club. Teaming up with the Guilford County Schools’ Service Learning Program, THE Clubs will take it upon themselves to help students engage in their OWN COMMUNITY through meaningful Service Learning projects earn SL diplomas.

WE WILL meet the challenges of social inequality by bringing awareness to certain issues, but also we will ENGAGE with these issues and CHANGE the perspective of our STUDENTS, and ultimately, of the greater community at large.

WE ARE socially responsible, self-aware, actively participating, communally engaged, and civic-minded! We are SEARCHING for the answers